Let us help bring your game vision to stunning life!

Zydexo knows casino-style games, and our team of talented designers, programmers, and artists are ready to develop your game. From concept to fruition, we’re with you every step of the way.

We handle everything – Creative, engaging game design; rock-solid server-side math, logic, and algorithms; beautiful artwork and eye-catching graphics; and fun, engaging sound. We make games that people enjoy playing, and make businesses money.

Here are some of the projects we engage in. 

  • Skill-based games (Class B): Also called "nudges"”, these are popular in Georgia known as Coin Operated Amusement Machines or COAM
    Skill-based games (Class A): These are popular in Georgia and does not allow a successful player to carry over points won on one play to a subsequent play or plays known as Coin Operated Amusement Machines or COAM
  • Class-3 casino games: Single/multi-game machines for land-based casinos
  • Class-2 casino games: "Bingo Style" common-prize competitive games
  • Sweepstakes games: Exploding in popularity. We handle both POS and finite games
  • Live Tournament Games: Games of Skill, with no chance element determining the outcome. Hosting of games where players’ skill determines the winner of each tournament. House does not profit on the outcome of a tournament, and has no vested interest in who wins or loses.
  • Video Lottery Terminals: Both VLT’s and desktop-online casino gaming

Zydexo is committed to helping you attain your objectives. We have a proven track record of achievement, working with a broad spectrum of organizations that trust Zydexo as outsourcing partners for their IT requirements. We recognize that no two clients are alike. To identify your organization’s specific needs, we ask questions, listen carefully, and then create solutions tailored to meet those needs.

Our clients appreciate the comprehensive, focused, and personalized approach we offer. Zydexo is working hard to become the only solution centre you’ll ever need.

Zydexo team has a great deal of experience with development, deploying and maintaining applications. Zydexo staff has been sucessful with increasing business efficiency through the use of custom developed software. Although a proponent of appropriate off-the-shelf products, Zydexo is able to create a wide variety of custom software for specific customer needs. Zydexo can help you create the best custom solution that is right for you.  

Agile Software Development is based on iterative and incremental software development. Scope of work and intended solution evolve through through constant collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. The method bolster flexible planning, metamorphic development and delivery, an iterative approach while encouraging rapid and elastic reaction to change. The methodology confirms a rapid project turnaround and end-product as per customer’s requirements.

The Waterfall Model is a disciplined and sequential software development methodology process which ensuing step-by-step development process with a fix and flow approach. The development strategy is as follows: 

Receipt of Expression of Interest for the software application.
Interim analysis of the software requirement and pre-agreement proposed solution.
Final Analysis of software architecture and mutual agreement (client-developer) to software’s primary features & functionality.
Architectural design of the software and development of prototype.
Revisiting requirements and ironing out all ambiguities relevant to features & functionality.
Software Quality Assurance & testing.
Deployment & Delivery.
After sales support & maintenance.

Scrum is an iterative, collaborative and incremental agile software development methodology where the development team works as one unit for development of the information system. The development strategy ensues dynamic teams, transparency and clarity of end objectives while encouraging constant communication and team meetings during development to discuss various aspects of the project throughout the development life cycle.

The Spiral Model adopts elements of one or more process models to suit development requirements of the project. A dynamic model however complex & risky.

  • Zydexo Games Launches American Nudge for the Georgia Skill Market.
  • Zydexo, A sponsor of the 2014 National Association of Telecom Professionals (ATP) Zyexo is looking for Network Systems Engieneers in AtlantaeaC6A.dpuf
  • Zydexo is looking for Sr. Java
    Developers in Atlanta