Web Design and Development

Exceptional websites with Creative Designs, rich functionalities, and solid management tools An integrated website is essential for organizations of all sizes in these days where clients often visit the company’s website more often than a physical site.

A captivating and professional web design can set you apart from the competition. Providing clients with a virtual experience which is easy to use and responsive is the key to engaging potential new business. By interacting with your on-line site clients will gain a clear impression of your organization’s capabilities and how it operates. However, if not designed carefully, your website can lose more clients than it attracts.

We will analyze, integrate and optimize your website design requirements and we have the technologies and expertise to provide an end to end solution, from web design proposal through to high availability web hosting and developing your social networking, news feeds and mobile Internet applications. Using a single source for the whole of your virtual site is the only way to ensure a fully integrated solution. You can safely outsource all these and more to Zydexo.

Website design and development technologies that we use include XHTML, Javascript, CSS, API, PHP, ASP, CGI/Perl, XML/XSL, W3C standards including accessibility requirements, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache/Linux, end to end security including SSL, and for multimedia/interactive webs Macromedia Flash, AJAX and Web2.0. Websites have gone well beyond the simple static pages of early sites.

Corporate & Business Websites Design & Development

Your corporate website is your business’s first impression on your clients, stakeholders and is your business’s front-end to the world. A captivating website designed and developed in perfect sync with engaging content has all the reasons to have a positive impact on your balance sheet.

When you outsource your Corporate Web Design projects to Zydexo we do an in-depth requirement analysis to understand your business requirements, factors to increase growth, productivity, sales and a detailed analysis of consumer buying behaviour that pertains to your industry.

Responsive Web Design

Develop your website using the latest coding techniques of responsive layout using HTML5 & CSS3 while using Bootstrap framework. This will make your website to render pixel perfectly on all device displays (mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc) and adapt to any device while ensuing cross-browser compatibility.

eCommerce Web Design

The massive increase in eCommerce websites has revolutionized commerce in general. All organizations must embrace this way of doing business or be seriously disadvantaged in the race to succeed. Zydexo offers stable, scalable and bespoke solutions for your eCommerce websites offering custom development solutions on various technologies and open source Content Management Systems like Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Xcart etc.

Zydexo develops your eCommerce websites paying meticulous attention to dynamic and engaging User Experience, to give your potential customers a thrilling buying experience.

Outsource us your eCommerce Website Development for stable, secure and scalable solutions increasing your product outreach, efficient transaction processing and a great customer experience ensuring recurrent sales.

Custom Web Application Development

Zydexo specializes in development of mid to large sized Custom Web Application like B2B/B2C portals, web directories, social networking websites, auction websites, portals with custom Content Management Systems along with admin panels, payment solutions, Custom Web based Enterprise Resource Planning Informations systems and associated modules, Intranets, Extra-nets, banking applications, pre-developed web application customization or expansion and cloning of pre-developed web applications.

Zydexo offers custom development of responsive web based applications with cross platform and cross browser compatibility for a pixel perfect display on all device types. The web applications come with an custom admin panel with an easy to use admin interface that is intuitive and designed with user interaction in mind.

The well designated user group and Permission Management System will make internal access management and site security easy to configure. Users will access content only when they have the suitable permissions. We apply appropriate measures to prevent attacks like SQL Injections and Cross-site request forgery hence making the customized back end application extremely secure and reliable.

Give life to your ideas.

At Zydexo we truly understand that your innovative ideas are of high net-worth. Fully equipped with a large work force seasoned on a variety of cutting edge tools & technologies we know how to give life to your ideas.

Our consultants come from very diverse backgrounds seasoned over the years in different capacities in different industries all over the globe. Not only do we realize your ideas & dreams digitally, throughout the development process, we will be conducting a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis of your business model while touching base with you long after your project is deployed.

Starting from advising on User Interface and User Experience of your project, choosing the optimum tools, technologies, programming languages, database management systems, content management systems, hardware requirement to search engine optimization and marketing of your project to the masses out there and security, we make sure you and ideas do not become victims of circumstance, all the while ensuing the stability and scalability of your project. We understand sustaining growth is harder than attaining it which is when you will constantly hear us advising on sustainability, management and maintenance of your venture.

We have developed a range of web based Information Systems:

  • Complaint Management Systems

  • Case Management Systems

  • School Management Systems with Financial Module and RFID integration

  • Procurement Management Systems

  • Human Resource Management Systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • Payroll Processors

  • Hospital Management Systems

  • Freight Management Systems

  • Business Process Automation

  • SMS Query Systems

We provide dedicated staff for large websites requiring constant maintenance, updates, edits, troubleshooting due to high user volume.

Architecture Consulting and Design

Requirements Analysis, Development Planning with Capacity, Network, Scalability Consulting, etc.

Open Source Software Integration

Open Source Software suggestions, Architecture Planning, Application Testing, and Integration with other software.

Resolution and Reporting

Application Performance Analysis, Issue Resolution, and Reporting Services.

Web Development using Content Management Systems

Web content management systems are core applications enabling a user to publish, edit and delete contents of their websites as well as managing different features and functionality pertaining to their website.

Amongst a colossus range of Content Management Systems (CMS), Open Source CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, Opencart etc. are widely used due to their inherent advantages.

Using a CMS enables non-technical users to update the content on their websites without seeking technical help from a web developer every time they would want to update their web content. Content Management Systems offer user friendly dashboards and mostly in the case of Open Source CMSs, come with extensive testing for reliability, security and stability.

Web Development on WordPress CMS

Contemporarily the most user friendly, convenient, powerful and functional open source Content Management System it is extremely scalable and feature rich owing to hundreds of thousands plugins available to achieve different functionality and features in your project.

Most of these plugins come free or at an extremely rock bottom costs offering you cutting edge features and functionality which otherwise would cost you thousands of dollars to get custom developed.

We are highly skilled in developing WordPress powered websites using readily available or integrating custom templates.

Our web developers have expertise in programming custom plugins to meet your client’s unique feature & functionality requirements for their website. From customizing WooCommerce plugin to achieve a unique eCommerce functionality to developing a WordPress plugin for custom forms of a Complaint Management System, our WordPress developers excel throughout the development process.

Outsource us your WordPress development projects with guarantee projects with pixel perfect quality, flawless features and functionality with rapid project turnaround.

Web Development on Joomla!

Joomla! is one of the most popular Open source CMS platforms in the world supported by a strong developer community offering extensibility through its extensions used for achieving various features and functionality. The extensions comprise of templates, plugins, components, modules and languages.

oomla! was developed to be an enterprise grade Content Management System which enables the CMS to handle articles in large volumes.

Our web developers are proficient in developing websites using Joomla!. From standard corporate websites to custom eCommerce projects using Virtuemart, Zydexo has considerable past performance customising Virtuemart and developing custom extensions and plugins like One-Page Checkouts etc.

Web Development on Drupal

One of the oldest of Content Management Systems, Drupal offers extreme stability while handling thousands of users traffic simultaneously, while offering flexibility.

Drupal is a very powerful CMS and is usually the first choice of data intensive websites offering lots of features and functionality. Mostly the choice of governments for their website projects, Drupal boasts of being the CMS of choice by the White House.

Zydexo has considerable experience designing captivating themes and developed custom modules on Drupal. Outsource us your Drupal Website projects for development quality output matched by none.

By outsourcing your web applications development to us, be assured of satisfaction beyond your expectations due to our team’s immense development experience in developing web based Information Systems to perfectly meet your enterprise needs.

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